Streetmasters Advanced Course – Friday Oct. 11th 2019



Responding to popular demand, Streetmasters is offering its first-ever Advanced Course exclusively for Streetmasters graduates.

Streetmasters is proud to offer this exciting course for those who want to take their riding skills even higher.

3-time Daytona winner and active racer Walt Fulton is transitioning the course from ‘Horse Thief Mile’ to the ‘Streets of Willow.’  This advanced training will increase the skills learned during the Precision Cornering Workshop.  Expand your abilities in braking, cornering, accelerating, and avoiding hazards.

Advanced Streetmasters is not a race school or track school.  Instead, this course is for riders who desire to reach the upper limits of motorcycle riding skill and ability.

The instructor-to-student ratio remains at one to four, so you’re guaranteed immediate and useful feedback.  The best part is that you get to put the training into practice immediately.

Streetmasters carefully selects instructors for their real-world skills and experience.  They are uniquely able to connect with participants and provide top-tier instruction and helpful tips.

The course is open to all styles of bikes from touring bikes, cruisers, and dual sports to naked bikes and sportbikes.

The speed limit is 85 MPH for most of the training.  Participants are required to wear full moto gear.  Full gear includes a full-face helmet, gloves, armored jacket and pants or one-piece suit, and boots.

If you have it, please wear a full-leather suit or two-piece leathers with a full circumference zip.  We also welcome high-grade one-piece textile suits like those from Aerostich or Motoport.  Donning a full suit enables you to run the last session without a speed limit.

Full bike inspection and classroom instruction take place at 7:30 am Friday morning at the Desert Poppy Inn in Lancaster.

Classroom instruction begins with a review of late-apex cornering.  The teaching of body positioning at higher speeds, high-speed braking techniques, and understanding suspension limits comes next.

Transitioning onto the Streets of Willow, we start smoothly and gradually build up to freeway speeds.  The Advanced Streetmasters course is not a track school or racing school.  Advanced Streetmasters a street-focused course because that is where we spend most of the time riding.  We build on all of the techniques learned in the Streetmasters Precision Cornering Workshop.

Streets of Willow is the same track used by California Superbike School to teach motorcycle racing.  Watch a run from that course.

Headlights and turn signals do not need to be taped up.  Please remove loose items from your motorbike.

Streetmasters arranged a special rate at the Best Western Desert Poppy Inn in Lancaster.  Please use this link to book your stay.

The inaugural Advanced Streetmasters course is $390 and will increase to $450 with future offerings.  Discounts and coupons are not available for this class.