05-16-20 Precision Cornering Workshop


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Make 2020 your best year riding.

On-Road Motorcycle training doesn’t get any better than Streetmasters. Build your motorcycle skill and confidence as you master cornering, braking, and riding techniques.    You’ll be quicker, safer, and much more proficient on the road.  In most cases, participants can use the completion certificate for a substantial insurance discount.

The May Precision Cornering Workshop is always sold out.  Please enroll early to guarantee your spot.  2020’s spring, summer, and fall riding better than ever.  Don’t waste time and money on useless gadgets and farkles.  Training is the best and most impactful upgrade one can purchase.  Like we said at the beginning, On-Road Motorcycle training doesn’t get any better than Streetmasters.

The day starts at 7:30 am at the Best Western Desert Poppy Inn in Lancaster, CA.  Bikes line up for a physical inspection while participants receive classroom instruction.  The instruction continues on a private closed course at the nearby Willow Springs International Raceway.

Streetmasters’ Precision Cornering Workshop is not a track-day!  There is no need to tape up your bike.  Full riding gear is required though.  Details can be found on the Requirements Page.

Master cornering and braking to build your motorcycle skill and confidence for safe and exciting riding on the road.

Learn about the BMW MOA Foundation Paul B Scholarship.  It’s open to all riders on any motorcycle.

Use this link for the special Streetmasters rate at the Desert Poppy Inn.

Please read the Terms and Conditions and the FAQ.

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